Revised-Improved Formula

Zello is a single component hot melt compound which is used as a fast gelling super soft casting compound for sharply defined. Detailed-wriggly-squiggly-thick-thin high performance fishing lures.


Zello™  (317)

Zello is an easy to use odorless clear elastomer which melts rapidly on a hot
plate, stove or in a temperature controlled electric melting pot.

Zello is a non PVC non plasticized -phthalate free formulation.
Zello is a tear resistant soft, stretchy gel like formulation for active-action
fishing lures.
Zello is used for delicate appendages-tentacles and feather like fins, which
flutter, float and have a lively tactile quality.
Zello based lures are non toxic and safe in waterways.
Zello lures accepts pigments, dyes, flitter-glitter glow in the dark long lasting
radiant illumination colorants and scent shedding pheronome sexual bait
Zello can be re-melted / recycled.
Zello does not release oily sticky-stinky substances.
Zello forms exciting lures which catch fish!!
Zello is a user friendly fast processing material which melts rapidly with out
smoke obnoxious irritating fumes or volatile release of toxic by products.
Zello lures can be post painted -finished with flexible inks, paints, dyes and
stretch paints for dramatic effects.
Zello  flows-fills and forms precise thick or thin dimensional shapes in low cost
Zello lures can float with added microshperes for top side over the water
skipping-hopping-jumping effects. Zello lures are for active-action fishing.
Zello is a unique advanced polymer with a dry surface.
Zello strips-separates cleanly / easily from rigid or flexible molds.
Zello lures function in salt-fresh water environments.
forms dynamic lures which attract fish.
Zello is easy and fun to use Zello is only available from Zeiler International

Zello is produced solely by Zeller International and is shipped globally from ourNew York facility.


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