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Revised-Improved Formula

Zello is a clear single component recyclable-reusable hot melt soft gel polymer for detailed cast
parts, molds, prosthetic appliances, novelties, medical devices.


Zello™  (317)

Zello replaces our original two component compound sold since the seventies. The new version is easy to use. Just melt and pour into molds for tear resistant stretchy, flexible, soft, squishy feel, non-oily, odorless parts.

Zellois safe to use. NO ODOR NO SMOKE.
Pour plaster and plastics/concrete in Zello molds. Form critter, creatures, fishing lures, bumpers, mouse pads, training aids, sealents, special effects, props.
Zello is a clear elastomer and is used for dozens of see through applications such as potting and encapsulation.
Zello is a user friendly quick gelling thermoplastic elastomer for rapid results. Pour thick or thin
parts for highly detailed stretchy-complex shapes. Zello is soft but tough meeting demanding
challenges for muscle toning-rehabilitation aids, stump liners, wheelchair pads.
Zello stretches, flexes, and elongates over 1000% with instant snap back-reboundable
properties. Zello accepts pigments, dyes, metafiles, glitter flake, aroma fragrances, and sexual
attracting pheromones for bait lures or malodor detractents to repel pests/animals.
Zello can be post finished/painted with Cleartex™; Zelthane™ lacquer for air brushed coated permanent protection.
Zello is used for many multidisciplined professions and finds new applications daily for fake/artificial foods, ergonomic soft touch grips, safety devices, toys, shock absorbers, gelled shoe inserts.
Zello can be reused-recycled indefinitely and is popular with prototype-model makers, industrial designers, machine shops, foundries, sculpture studios, taxidermists, architectural molding-casting, and restoration experts.
Zello is often used for soft cushion shipping mounts to transport glass, crystal, neon, and fragile objects. Zello is suitable for vacuum extraction, "Snap Back™" casting procedures.
Zello much like edible Jello™ has the feel of gelatin and is popular with special effects make up artists for gel filled appliances for fatty-blubbery FX. Zello can be aerated-infused with lightweight fillers-extenders for syntactic floatable foams. Whipping-foaming techniques enable special microfoamed castings.
Zello is provided in easy melting 3 Ib slabs. Zello can be cut with a sharp knife blade-scalpel- razor. Form aquarium figures such as anemones, jellyfish, octopus tentacles, soft flow movement foliage.
Zello  is excellent for safety padding, knee protection, palm cushions, helmet shock pads, stunt- FX set ups for soft fall-crash pads. Zello is simply melted on an electric hot plate, or in a thermostatically controlled melter for large continuous pours for production manufacturing.
Zello pours/flows at low viscosity to fill out closed molds for variable thickness castings. Zello melts at approximately 300F and remains fluid and flowable for extended periods at lower temperatures.
Zello can be back filled with foams, gels, and other elastomers for variable density properties.
Zello has excellent abrasion and wear resistance for specialized tooling, grinding-fixturing, clamping, and holding for machine shop operations. Assembly mounts are used for non- scratch/grippy finger points for delicate production line jigs.
Zello is fast. friendly, and goof proof. Use Zello over and over for repeat uses. Zello is a green non-toxic chemistry and is fun to use.

Zello is produced solely by Zeller International and is shipped globally from ourNew York facility.


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