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EcoWalls  Create Wall Architecture for the 21st Century...On-Site!

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Monument constructed of  Dredged sediments and Eco Set Binder for the Army Corp. of Engineers, Norfolk Virginia



EcoWallstm can feature customized surface designs such as sculptural bas reliefs, high-tech industrial details, original art, embodiments- including neon, fiber optics, LED and low voltage lighting, historical panoramas, graphics and signage, low-profile advertising and subtle rear illumination billboards powered by solar photo-voltaic panels, entertainment characters, municipality highlights, projection screens, hidden security cameras...anything you can imagine.

The On-Site Process

  1. After sediments and/or waste materials are characterized in our Laboratory- and only if necessary- contaminated materials are remediated on-site using EPA approved technology which completely stabilizes them if they contain toxins such as heavy metals or poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.
  2. A proprietary "green chemistry" geopolymer binder system is used to economically solidify the materials into a structural flowable fill cement which is waterproof, safe for the environment and non-leachable.
  3. Original 3-D designs, sculpture or art is created from which casting molds are then made.
  4. The resulting performance-blended flowable cement is sprayed or slurry cast into the manufacturing molds.
  5. Formed panels are secured to both sides of a pre-set steel frame into which additional fill is poured to create a solid, wind shear stable wall system which is decorative, acoustical, fireproof and environmentally-friendly.



  • unlimited infrastructure projects
  • highway barrier/divider walls and
    "Jersey Barriers"
  • noise abatement walls
  • shoreline stabilization: sea walls
    and erosion control systems
  • artificial reefs, jetties, piers
  • bunkers, berms, dike systems
  • piling core fill
  • parking stops, speed bumps
  • septic/drainage products
  • waste containment cells, cisterns
  • spillway troughs and trenching
  • decorative reproductions
  • sculpture and statuary
  • faux rock surfaces
  • artificial fountains
  • rock waterscapes
  • pavers: textured, poured, pre-fab
  • complete walkways
  • surfacing & landscaping
  • slab & monolithic industrial flooring
  • modular construction: building blocks,
    benches, picnic tables, shelters and
    storage buildings
  • flowable fill cements for filling potholes,
    sink holes, mine shafts and faults
  • specialty buildings: chemical storage,
    tilt-up curtain walls, fuel containment tanks
  • geo-technical stabilization retention walls
  • below grade waterproof junction boxes for
    plumbing and electrical systems
  • repairs: slabjacking, grouting, water sealing
The Eco Wall system utilizes a high percentage of recovered minerals, muds and preconditioned bio solids also residuals from diverse industries dredging operations, mine tailings. Foundry by products and numerous bag house media can be recycled with proprietary admixture binder-consolidant admixtures produced by Zeller International.
"Value Added" formed-shaped marketable products and Eco Walls are manufactured on site or as precast panel parts at regional facilities. Mobilization-capitol investment is low with commercial processing equipment available on a rental-lease purchase basis.
Candidate materials include remediated contaminated soils, fly ash, glass, bottom ash, slags, oxides, phosphogypsum, low emmisivity radionucleide minerals, and wet-dry feedstocks from scrubbed stacks and settling ponds.
Heavy metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are fully stabilized, fixated in situ to meet regulatory (TCLP) specifications.
Zeller International provides the training and expertise to stabilize and process the above by products into profitable building systems. Eco Walls, Eco Blocks, and numerous geotechnical-industrial materials for construction, infrastructure and roads.
An effective training program requires approximately 90 to 120 days and includes processing equipment recommendations, facility set up, crew training, mold making-forming and tooling procedures.
Each clients needs are handled on an individual basis and are limited to a specific targeted feed stock material.
Zeller International provides proprietary training and "Know How" on the following basis:
  • Lab services, testing steps 1 & 2
  • Consulting-retainer arrangements
  • Licensing, territorial-exclusivity program
  • Sale of proprietary admixtures and reagents
Step 1
"Zeller International" is retained on a consulting basis to conduct lab services for feasibility-physical characterization and specimen profiling.
Testing includes:
Pore Structure
"Step 1" is base line R & D profiling to ascertain best accepted technology to stabilize and solidify a specific material to meet production standards as a commercially viable "value added"-marketable product.
"Step 1" fees are average $5 to 10,000.00 for lab screening-testing services and requires approximately 60 to 90 days to complete. At the conclusion of Step 1 the client will receive representative samples and review-report. Step 1 requires 4 to 6 five gallon pails of the clients specimen material.
Step 2
Advanced Testing
Zeller International can provide additional microanalytical materials testing to comply with ASTM specifications, building codes and ISO 9001 certification.
Additional testing includes composition, structure, mechanical measurements, microscopy.
Fees for advanced lab testing programs range from $25,00 to $50,000.00. Lead time 90-120 days.
Consulting-Retainer Arrangements
Zeller International provides development services, marketing plans, regulatory clearances, production planning and support services.
Single day workshop consulting $2,500.00
Annual retainer arrangements are keyed to monthly fees averaging $10,000.00 per month on an annual 12 month basis. Additional expenses for travel, hotel and secretarial expenses are additional.
Licensing, Territorial Exclusivity
Zeller International licenses the Eco Wall System to manufacturers, engineering firms and developers.
Base fees start at $100,000.00 per designated area with a 10% renewal fee plus a 3 to 7% through put commission on tonnage volumes. Minimum time frame for a manufactures license is 3 years.
Sale of Admixtures and Reagents
Zeller International will supply proprietary binders, neutralizers, reagents and admixtures under a licensee agreement for the prescribed time span.
Zeller Internationals specialty chemical division manufactures the following support chemicals. These compounds are provided on a pallet basis at four 55 gallon drums per minimum order. Drymix additives are packaged at 200 lbs., per shipment.
Aqua Rez - A two component reactive room temperature cure binder to form structural composites, castings, liners, and water proof polymer cements.
Eco Rez - A single component water based hydrophobic polymer for in-situ waterproofing-consolidation and binding.
Cabanite - A reactive water based catalyst. A fast set hardening agent for crosslinking reactions.
Met Set - A power additive which ties up and insolubilizes heavy metals. A non leachable sequesterent.
Z-Pel - A surface finishing water repellent for humid, wet environments. Excellent below grade.
Microsept - An internal bactericidal agent for control elimination of mold, mildew and fungal development used in bio solids mixtures.
Acrilon, EnviroSeal, X-Pel, Graf-Guard - Water based waterproofing coatings for finishing concrete-performance blended cements and gypsums. Clear sealants that protect and retain surface color.
Pozz - A reactive mineral which creates a pozzolanic response enhancing properties and accelerates hardness.
Zel-Corr - Anti foulant corrosion protection. Zinc-copper filled marine coatings for wet environments. Additional surface protection in wet environments. These coatings prevent-limit slime development, also barnacle-zebra mussel formation.
Zag - Lightweight minerals, fillers and extenders. A series of dry additives for syntactic cellular cements. Excellent for flowable fill cements, grouts, core fill, insulation. Example-Air Krete Microspheres for 35 LB, density concrete.
Fiberex - Reinforcement fibers for internal crack-microfracture control, micro-rebar fibers that disperse throughout the mass.

Zeller International continues to develop new chemistries for stabilization and protection of by products.

   The EcoWallstm System is available exclusively from ZELLER INTERNATIONAL  Patent Pending   www.zeller-int.com
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