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Primers / Surface Conditioners, Fixation Agents, Adhesion
Promoters, Modifying Tie Coat Preparation Chemistries

Zeller International's surface treatment compounds enhance bond line integrity of finish coatings, elastomers, and specialty polymers.
Dissimilar resins, adhesives, and foam materials often fail to adhere to adjoining surfaces. Plastics, rubber, and metal substrates such as polyethylene- polypropylene films are difficult surfaces to coat or glue to.
Activating chemicals and primers offer a fast expedient solution for long-term permanent anchorage of flexible and rigid topcoats. Pretreatment techniques often include acid etching, sand blasting, and abradement procedures.
Topically, applied primers offer reliable results with a minimum effort. Zeller International's priming compounds are an effective low cost solution for long-term surface protection. Our labs continue to develop unusual high performance chemicals for all manner of applications for rubber, plastics, wood, metal, and textiles.
From graphic arts to aerospace we provide a wide selection of primers for all manner of applications.


U-Prime 100
U-Prime 200
U-Prime 300
U-Prime 400
U-Prime 500
U-Prime 600



Z-Prime™ (142)
Our first primer introduced in 1985 for the graphic arts, printing-packaging trades. Z-Prime is a solvent based fast drying clear primer for preparing unbondable
surfaces for ink, glue and topical finishing with coatings that come off or lack bonding-adhesional properties. Plastics, rubber, foams, and dissimilar materials
are surface activated / conditioned with Z-Prime. Waxy-slippery surfaces such as low or high-density polyethylene polymers are easily prepped-conditioned with
Z-Prime. Flexible films, banners, scenery, displays are rapidly set up for post finishing procedures.
U-Prime 100™ (209)
A water based single component high tack primer which dries to a clear tacky film with aggressive grab and "bite". U-Prime 100 sticks to numerous surfaces
such as polyurethane, asphalt's, and Styrofoam panels. U-Prime 100 also accepts dye & pigments for saturated color tones.
U-Prime 200™ (210)
A water based black primer suitable for damp / moist surfaces chemically linking into / onto metal and cast-in-place concrete. U-Prime 200 functions as a
moisture scavenging primer-sealer for masonry, brick, cement, fresh precast pipe, tilt up wall systems, and many other applications. U-Prime 200 has
excellent tack and cohesion to a variety of surfaces.
U-Prime 300™ (211)
A solvent based fast drying high tack primer with aggressive bonding to most surfaces. U-Prime 300 is an aggressive primer for metals, concrete, wood, and
plastic materials.
U-Prime 400™ (212)
A single component fast drying solvent based primer for high tackification to roofing substrates, metal, concrete, and plastics. U-Prime 400 dries to a black
sticky surface and is an excellent bond line primer for asphalt's foams, membranes, and a variety of materials.
U-Prime 500™ (213)
A two-component water based epoxy resin primer for sealing-priming concrete, wood, and absorbent materials. U-Prime 500 cures at room temperature to a
clear finish. Moist freshly poured concrete, gypsum cement, and mortar mixes are rapidly prepared for optional treatment with asphalt's, cold process sealents, and waterproofing materials.
U-Prime 600™ (214)
A single component polyurethane based primer which dries-cures by moisture activation. U-Prime 600 is used as a primer for spray applied two component polyureas and polyurethane's, also foam insulation, and as a base for mastic compounds.



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