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Plaster & Gypsum Cements


Additives, fibers, fillers, waterproofing additives, internal admixtures, strengtheners, fortifiers, chip/anti-fracture polymers, surface sealants and weatherproof coatings.
Tooling - mold making elastomers for plaster and gypsum cement casting compounds.
Finishing systems for faux, scenic treatments, simulation textures, wood metal finishes - chrome, gold-silver leaf
Glass Fiber - polymer fortified replicas, ornamental reproductions for architectural decor.
Fire- sound proof ceilings,  domes, walls, columns, trim moldings, panels, film sets, cruise ships, theme parks, exhibits, displays, zoos and museums.  Building facades, structural elements statuary- sculpture, lightweight props and special effects.
Industries served:  casinos, nightclubs, food outlets- markets, hotels, department stores, science centers, malls, temporary shelter, decorations, parade floats, theme destinations, cruise vessels, resorts.
Services- engineering/consultation
Materials- polymers, in situ.  Coatings- finishing, anti-microbials, anti corrosive additives, waterproofing.
Eco Rez
Aqua Rez
Aqua Form
Silver Nitrate
Bonded Bronze
Metallic Finishes
Proto Plastic
Anti Microbials
Venetian Plaster