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Mold, Mildew, Algae & Fungal Bacteria


Materials to prevent colonization of protozoa and bacterial, bio-films, scale build-up on concrete, textiles, wood decks and wet environments. Unsightly deposition due to micro-organisms and colloidal organics, destroy numerous materials and simultaneously induce an unhealthy environment due to off gassing - Leaching and other unhealthy conditions commonly referred to as "Sick Building Syndrome".
Sweating, condensation, humidity, and fouled environments require topical treatment with neutralization chemistries.
Tropical climates such as Louisiana and Florida warrant attentive maintenance to prevent bio-fouling - surface contaminants.
Zeller International provides specific additives - surface agents to prevent mold-mildew and toxic conditions which are bio-accumulative and unsafe to humans and pets.
A typical additive in paints and coatings will stabilized - prevent objectionable surface problems.
Due to variable conditions such as fouled basement, roof-attic area, fountains, spas and outdoor furniture, we require review information to properly recommend preparation and treatment.
Numerous compounds are available under the trade name "MicroTex".