Zelon (112)
A non PVC Translucent, meltable polymer that melts rapidly and is poured into open or closed molds for thin or thick profile parts.
ZELON is excellent for highly detailed part duplication
ZELON flows and wets mold surfaces for slush-rotational casting of hollow shapes and can be layered for thicker section parts. Alternative handling/processing methods include paint in layering for precision control of wall thickness.
ZELON accepts internal pigments, fillers, fine fibers, granulated textures metallic alloys and metalized-pearlized effects pigments.
ZELON melts and handles like wax yet sets up to a firm hardness of Shore "A" of 95. A high impact-fracture resistant plastic.
ZELON is an economical solution to two-part epoxy. Polyurethane and polyester resins. ZELON cools and sets to a moderately resilient tough usage casting.
  • Prototype parts for toys, medical devices, bar soaps industrial models.
  • Puppet -marionette figures, taxidermy.
  • Buttons, costume ornaments, mascot-character figure trim and accessories.
  • Quick setting fixtures, tooling-machining set-ups.
  • Film-theatrical props, armor and masks.


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