Zelly Jelly


Zelly Jelly (114)
Just introduced and a lot of fun to use!
The best crystal clear "melt and pour" thermoplastic gel elastomer available today! NON-TOXIC, RECYCLABLE, FAST, EASY MELT & SET. No smell, no smoke, no PVC. Super-soft, cast thick or thin for perfect details, add pigments & dyes. Ideal for functional prosthetics, make-up appliances & Gel filled - thin/thick "Soft Touch", animatronic creature - robot skins, SPFX, soft props, gobs, blobs, fake food, icy looks, shock absorption, bumpers & all kinds of products like fishing lures, toys & novelties. INSIDER TIP: Use ClearTex to coat & seal Zelly Jelly
Zelly Jelly Additives (115)
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