Zello "HT"


Zello "HT" (215)
Zello "HT" is a high tack-stickier compound which adheres/bonds to Cleartex films, vinyl's and latex rubber materials.
Regular Zello is not as adhesional and is used for parts that have a tack free surface.
Zello "HT" is a clear easy to use hot melt elastomer which melts/pours and gels rapidly into a springy soft flesh like gel.
Zello "HT" cools and sets to a tear resistant dynamic result and is easily poured into closed molds for thick or thin accurately detailed dimensional parts.
Zello "HT" bonds aggressively to adjoining surfaces such as films-coatings and thin skin shapes such as prosthetic appliances, doll parts, animatronics, props,
and bumper parts.
Zello "HT" is an odorless non-toxic recyclable-remeltable soft flesh like formula which cools to a precise rubbery mass without shrinking or deforming.
Zello "HT" cools rapidly with instant properties such as snap back/reboundment and tear resistance.
Zello "HT" is finding numerous uses for diverse applications such as the following:
Fishing Lures
Shoe Insoles
Electronic Dampening
Vibration Isolators
Therapy/Exercise Toners
Crash Dummies
Artificial Skin
Shipping Cushions
Security Seals
Assembly Fixtures 
Gel Filled Appliances 
Defense Simulators 
Safety Devices
Special FX makeup
Pour in Place Seals
Prosthetic Devices
Aquarium Figures
Film/Theatre Props
Shock Absorbers
Rubber Springs
Expansion Joint Seals
Re-enterable Gels
0n Site Impressions
Artificial Bait
Medical Training Aids
Tack-lt Pads
Artificial/Fake food props
Ergonomic Grips
Tactile Grips
Noise Abatement
Soft Touch Fixtures
Seismic attenuation
Moth Balling/Storage
Pest Control
Rescue Simulators
Hair/Lint/Dust Brushes

                                                        ...and dozens of other novel uses.

Zello "HT" bonds to soft flexible stretchable membranes such as Cleartex, Zeltex's, and numerous other flexible or rigid substrates.
Overcoat spray-dipping lacquers and numerous post applied finish coatings bond aggressively to cast Zello "HT" parts.
Zello "HT" is routinely melted and poured into flexible RTV Silicone rubber molds or molds that have been surfaced treated with a release agent.
Zello "HT"   is easy to use and is a "green" Eco friendly product.



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