Zelastic Polyureas


Zelastic Polyureas (127)
A multi-functional soft/hard polymer for coatings, sealing, insulation, repairs, strengthening, consolidation, restoration.
Polyurea is a two component instant setting A/B dual hybrid resin system. Unlike conventional polyurethane's which are sensitive to atmospheric conditions and limited to specific substrates. Polyureas function in all adverse weather conditions ranging from humid tropical temperatures @ 100 degrees f+ to -25 degrees f in the Antarctic cold. Surfaces such as rusty metal roofs to rotting timber have been restored successfully. Cold, damp boat hulls, leaking tanks and theme park water attractions have been repaired on the spot without lengthy processing or dry time. Polyurea is dry to the touch in 15 seconds. A variety of hardness is available ranging from soft stretchy cushion covers to rock hard boat hulls and industrial parts. Polyureas are odor free, hi-solids systems that are ready to use immediately after application. residential interior uses are permissible due to the inertness feature.
Polyureas are a new generation of plastic materials developed by Texaco in 19889. Full scale commercialization took place in 1993 with a proven track record and consistent physical properties. Many new formulas are currently available from Zeller International which is a "systems" compounder of polyureas and many other specialty resins.
A Polyurea kit is 2 single components resin and curing agent. A Polyurea kit is mixed metered and dispensed from a proportioning gun that sprays or pours the liquids accurately on a 1 to 1 ratio. Pigmented typically in white, gray, brown and black. many shops and contractors are presently using different Polyureas for an endless variety of applications.
  • Overcoat protection ad cladding to cardboard, plywood, paperboard.
  • Lining, re-lining of tanks cylinders and vessels, molds and forms for concrete & casting of plastics
  • Waterproofing ad lining of planters
  • Roofing
  • Undercoating of cars trucks and decking
  • Pool liners
  • Spoilers and automotive parts
  • Dock bumpers and fenders
  • Floating docks
  • Encapsulation
  • Floor liners, shower pans
  • Ducts and corrosion resistant processing tanks
  • Restoration of decayed sills and artifacts
  • Condensation barriers


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