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Thix Powder (297)
A white fluffy super fine powder filler used to thicken, gel or raise viscosity of liquid resins, rubber compounds, coatings, and adhesives. Thix Powder mixes easily with numerous polymers as a rheology modifier for flow control properties such as a brushable consistency. Thix Powder is a thixotropic agent universally adjusting numerous low viscosity-fluid polymers to variable control levels to prevent sag, draining, flow, or runny conditions.
Applications include: adhesives, putties, pastes, and gel coats. Also spot repairs, splining, and modeling compounds for sculpting and styling. Thix Powder  goes a long way with effective thickening for epoxies, polyesters, urethane, vinyl ester resins, also two component silicones, polysulphide elastomers, and latex's. Ancillary uses includes: texturing, hole, crack, and void filling. Best added under agitation with a non aerating mixing blade such as the patented Jiffy  mixer attached to an electric drill or drill press. Although somewhat dusty and referred to as a nuisance dust we recommend wearing a dust mask to avoid inhalation. Manufactured from Silica-sand, Thix Powder  is a dry fumed silica and is universally used in numerous plastics and rubber materials.
Packaged in five gallon pails and has an indefinite shelf life. Thix Powder   is almost weightless, weighing approximately 2-3 pounds per pail.
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