Proto Plastic Resin & Proto Plastic Part "C" & "D"


Proto Plastic Resin (102)
A non-toxic rigid moldmaking / casting system, very similar to EZ PLASTIC but sets very fast, in minutes. Easy 1 : 1 mix ratio by volume, Sets to an off white color. A saver on labor coast. Pop out the parts. Can be made into a foam, fire retardant, clarified, or turn it into a rubber by the use of a few accessories. Minimum Order (1) 5 gallon kit (5 gal Part A - 5 gal Part B). Lead time 2 weeks. 
Proto Plastic Part "C" (103)
Use this to convert PROTO PLASTIC to a cellular foam. (Part C, water and Powder filler are required) This will enable you to create a simple foam similar to standard urethane foams. Perfect for lightweight parts for props, sculpture, reinforcement backing, repairs, bonding, etc. minimum Order (1) 8 oz. unit. Lead time 1 week.  
Proto Plastic Part "D" (104)
By using different proportions of this part you can clarify PROTO PLASTIC and make it translucent or fire retard the basic system. By clarifying the system all trace color is eliminated. A cured 1/4" thick panel of PROTO PLASTIC clarified will permit see through reading of newsprint or copy. Minimum Order (2) quart units. Lead time 1 week. 


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