Prosil Elastomer


Prosil Elastomer (225)
A translucent, light emitting, tear resistant silicone elastomer system, PROSIL is an easy to use 1 : 1 volume mix compound used for molding thin/thick parts. PROSIL provides higher physical properties then conventional RTV silicone casting elastomers. PROSIL enables complex part production with quick recovery - rebound, in addition it softness, tear resistance and high elongation properties. PROSIL is an odorless, safe, rubbery silicone for many industrial and creative applications. PROSIL parts are reliable for extreme weather conditions -60 F to +30 F. PROSIL can be used for prosthetics, underwater applications and archival preservation and encapsulation. Minimum Order (1) 5 gallon kit (5 gal Part A - 5 gal Part B). Lead time 2 weeks. 
Prosil, Part "C" (125)
A reactive diluent (thinner / softener) is added to the premixed base component, parts A and B. Small Amounts of Part C (1/4 oz) will lower the body viscosity from a semi-grease state to a very slow, pourable viscous elastomer. High levels of Part C are used for diverse applications such as gelled - gummy castings, tearable skin effects, floatable ice particles, squishy gel filled bladders of complex components. Minimum Order (1) gallon. Lead time 2 weeks  


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