A Single Component Water Based Super Stretchable Neoprene - Natural Rubber Latex Compound.

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NEOTEX (321)
Is a super stretchable tear-chemical resistant fast drying non toxic rubber for a variety of applications.
Is for microthin membranes or for thicker cross section parts.
Paint-Slush-Spray it-Foam it for lightweight thin skins.
NEOTEX is for:
  • Artificial skins for animatronics robots, special effects appliances/skin applied appliques, creature-monster-mascot prosthetics.
  • Moldmaking-deep undercut flexible molds for complex deep undercuts. Excellent for fiberglass laminates, cultured-bonded stone and artificial marble. Composite parts in epoxy resins. Foamed urethanes and fast cast resins such as Proto Plastic - E.Z. Plastic.
  • Polymer cements. Gypsums-plasters concrete and polymer cements.
  • Giant inflatables- air structures balloons, bladders, bellows, balls, parade figures, helium-air filled floating spheres and shaped advertising figures. Weather balloons. Air bags- floats, toy figures
  • Novelties, masks, make-up specialties, sculpture-mascots-fabric/textile coating. Puppet-marionette heads, doll parts.
  • Artificial rocks -waterfalls, caves, coves, pool decor and fountains, themed environments.
  • Large area rubber molds taken as impression copies directly applied to real rock faces for highly detailed copy-reproduction molds.
  • Binder for crumb rubber and filler materials.
dries fast and is a high property soft, tough rubber which accepts water based pigments for rich encapsulated rubber tones.
is easy to use, dries fast to a translucent color, thin dipped films or thicker production parts or molds are easy to produce at room temperature.
is for superior to natural latex rubber due to it's high neoprene rubber content
tolerates abrasive sandy mortars and casting stone compositions.
Polyester-vinyl ester and phenolil resin parts pop out with ease.

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NEOTEX  is for Professional Trade Sale Use Only. Not for use by minors

Limited offer !

Due to a production overrun we are discounting NEOTEX
This is a first grade high quality rubber selling typically at $3-5 per lb.- $35.00 + per gallon
Drum lots $10.00 per gallon
$500.00 per drum and freight
(5) gallon introductory pails at $25.00 per gallon-$125.00 + freight

**** Shipping, Packaging & Handling not included ****

Note! For an effective release agent-parting film use Zeller Internationals Zel Kote  PVA polyvinyl alcohol film formingliquid barrier coating. A fast drying water soluble coating. Excellent for sticky resin removal



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