Fleshtex Elastomer(s) (119)
An ideal moldmaking / casting system for all flexible molds and cast parts. Superior for prosthetics, skins, inflatables. Cast it thin or thick; no smell, safe, fast setting. An easy 1 : 1 ratio by volume. Paint with it - almost impossible to tear. Great for soft props, monsters, padded FX. The #1 favorite of world famous special effects make-up artists, not to mention prop, effects people and manufactures.  
Fleshtex, Part "C" (120c)
To vary the hardness of FLESHTEX and FLESHTEX CLEAR; simply add a bit of PART C to make it softer. you can customize all your projects with one base system. No other product can do this.  
Fleshtex, Part "D" (120d)
Use to thicken FLESHTEX so you can butter it on vertical surfaces. Add 1/8 tsp. to 3 oz. Part A, then add this to 3 oz. Part B. Easy, reliable. All from one basic system.
Fleshtex, Clear (121)
A crystal clear, flexible elastomer which sets at room temperature in 10 to 15 minutes. 1 : 1 mix ratio by volume. Used for molds, cast appliances, parts, potting and encapsulation or for embedments. Can be softened with FLESHTEX PART C. Pours fluidly and dries to a non-oily surface. Tough and tear resistant - durometer of 30 Shore A.  
FleshTex Additives (220)
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