E.Z. Plastic Resin & E.Z. Plastic Part "C"


E.Z. Plastic Resin (100)
Throw away your Polyester and Epoxy Resins!! This is a non-toxic moldmaking and casting compound that does everything the old-fashioned materials did - only more, better, easier and safer. We call it "idiot proof". Simple mix 1 : 1 by weight or volume. Fast setting, odorless. Can be colored internally / externally, sanded, drilled and plated. Cast it paper-thin, very thick or anything in between. Once you use it, you'll never use anything else again. The favorite of mold makers, FX and prop technicians, special effect make-up artists. Technical data included.  
E.Z. Plastic Part "C" (101)
Turn EZ PLASTIC into a variable, rigid FORM SYSTEM by adding a bit of PART C and water according to the directions. You can vary the density of the foam. One product, THREE components - and a limitless assortment of use. We include complete Technical information. 


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