ClearTex System & ClearTex Release Agents

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The New Invisible Rubber
S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S Your Imagination


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Environmental Chemist, GARY ZELLER is introducing his newest Specialty Chemical - CLEARTEX, This amazing single-component Synthetic Latex is more then just 'another rubber'... It's a Complete System! One material: 1001 uses gary-2.jpg (8093 bytes)
Offering the WIDEST RANGE OF PROPERTIES ever achieved with one product, CLEARTEX is Crystal Clear, Incredibly Strong and absolutely the S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-E-S-T material ever produced... with an elongation of over 2000%!
And all the properties are variable according to what you want to achieve. Just use your imagination and CLEARTEX will do the rest.


Never Before has one rubber product combined all these Highly Desirable Properties:

absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR & non-yellowing

Fine, Detailed Textures (duplicates fingerprints & skin texture exactly)

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S like you can't believe... and snaps back instantly

can be Exciting Hot Colors & SPFX

Super Soft to touch


yet Incredibly Durable- indoors, outdoors & underwater (salt, too!)

Dries Fast at room temperature

Non-Irritating & Non-Allergenic


ClearTex is ideal for 1001 COATING, CASTING & FILM-FORMING applications for industries ranging from manufacturing to theme parks, toys, aerospace, movie props - makeup and medical devices.


  • Manufactured Parts... such as tension bands for exercise equipment, fishing lures, gaskets, seals, O-rings, handles, grips, stretch bands, decorative objects & exotic soft touch - non slip finishes
  • Prosthetics & Artificial Skin... #1 choice for make-up appliances in the film and prosthetics industries; non-irritating to skin; amazingly tactile, realistic-looking & durable
  • Coatings...waterproof ANYTHING; seal leaks; coat costumes, scrims, tents, netting...
  • Exhibits, Displays...create 3-D graphics, movable designs, dimensional logos
  • Props, Special Effects for Film, TV Entertainment Venues...create creatures, critters, monsters, robots, SPXF make-up, costumes, novelties, gobs, gags & gimmicks
  • Toys...soft, safe, clear, glossy, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y, goofy, globby, yucky, funny, silly
  • Medical Training Devices...precise, authentic-looking anatomical replicas
  • Sports...cushions, padding, safety coatings for playgrounds & equipment
  • Electronics...liquid tapes; dielectric/conformal encapsulation coating, vibration - shock dampening
  • Safety...anti-slip surfaces, grip coatings, shock absorption, decorative finishes

Cleartex Make-up Test

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Walt - Before Claire - Before
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Old make-up test on Walt Keith Richards look alike make-up on Claire
Both are done using Zeller International components tinted to desired color ...... Unbelievable effects !!


ClearTex  is sold in a ONE TIME introductory offer -  One Gallon Kit $150.00

Please refer to our price guide for further Cleartex pricing


ClearTex (117)
The high performance, easy-to-use single component latex that everyone's talking about! Crystal clear and non-yellowing.
S-T-R-E-T-C-H-A-B-L-E, super-soft, fast drying, tear resistant, non-irritating and non-allergenic, 1001 uses from props & prosthetics to toys & safety. Shore "A" Hardness: 3.
ClearTex, Medium (277)
A FIRMER, LESS ELASTIC version of ClearTex. Shore "A" Hardness: 40. See: Product Bulletin for complete Information.Both versions can be mixed together to vary firmness and elasticity.
ClearTex, FlameAway Fire Retardant (275)
Liquid additive to make ClearTex fire retardant.
STARTER LIQUID RATIO: 1/8oz. Flameawaytm to 1oz. ClearTex.
ClearTex, Primer (140)
Cleartex Primer is a UV stable, solvent based primer that dries to a clear, though, tear resistant, stretchy film. Two or three coats are applied and dried at room temperature.
Cleartex Primer can be used under water without hazing, blushing or changing color.
Numerous applications include thin skins for appliances, make-up prosthetics, creatures, props, and special effects, water proofing, seam sealing and repairs, coated textiles, cement and plaster.
Cleartex Primer is often used as a first surface gel coat and is often back filled with two parts flexible urethane foam or soft, squishy gel like elastomers such as Sil Gel. It is often used as an adhesive for bonding Cleartex to itself and other surfaces.
Cleartex Primer dries to a super dry, crepe like finish and accepts post surface finishing. Pigments can be added for opaque or tinted tones.
Cleartex Primer remains flexible in all weather extremes, -30 degrees F to +250 degrees F. Use for thin membranes, coating, sealing and bond enhancement.
Cleartex Primer is an easy to use single component, tear resistant, stretchy primer.
Cleartex Primer is excellent for permanent archival, curatorial repairs, anti-slip surfaces, carpet backing, sail/canvas repairs, leather coating, and adhesive bonding surface preparation on dried, cured Cleartex parts.
Thix (273)
Clear liquid THICKENING AGENT for any ClearTex.
RATIO: 1/8oz. Thixtm to 1oz. ClearTextm. Ratio can be varied.
A little goes a-l-o-n-g way.
ExtendoFlex (274)
Clear liquid SOFTENING AGENT for ClearTex.
RATIO: 1/8oz. Extendoflextm to 1oz. ClearTex.
Ratio can be varied
Zelly Jelly (114)
Just introduced and a lot of fun to use!
The best crystal clear "melt and pour" thermoplastic gel elastomer available today! NON-TOXIC, RECYCLABLE, FAST, EASY MELT & SET. No smell, no smoke, no PVC. Super-soft, cast thick or thin for perfect details, add pigments & dyes. Ideal for functional prosthetics, make-up appliances & Gel filled - thin/thick "Soft Touch", animatronic creature - robot skins, SPFX, soft props, gobs, blobs, fake food, icy looks, shock absorption, bumpers & all kinds of products like fishing lures, toys & novelties. INSIDER TIP: Use ClearTex to coat & seal Zelly Jelly.


ClearTex, "Tech Talk"

A series of helpful Informative Technical Bulletins that offer helpful how to Information, Extensive Sources of ancillary materials and supplies, a time saving, easy reading series of projects tooling - moldmaking coloring pigmenting, dying, casting and forming techniques, details and sources that save you time and money. FREE with purchase of ClearTex material or sold as a set of information for $10.00 plus shipping & handling costs.


ClearTex Release Agents

For Fiberglas Laminates, polyester & vinyl ester resins, polymer cements cultured stone - marble, sculpting - casting compounds. Also styrene - acrylic polymers and gel coats. Note - Epoxy and urethane resins separate cleanly from ClearTex without harming the ClearTex mold.


Slip Zit (146)
A water based film forming wax emulsion which functions as a primer-barrier coat and as a tie coat - prep step for ZEL-KOTE, a polyvinyl alcohol film forming emulsion. SLIP-ZIT dries fast and is a non-toxic separator which is applied by spray or brush to cured ClearTex mold surfaces.
By first applying SLIP-ZIT, you can then piggy back - attach any type of film forming material such as PVA or other solvent resistive agents
Zel Kote (130)
A water based air drying film forming release agent used as a protective barrier which shields ClearTex from chemical attack. Styrene burn, and surface degradement from volatile monomers and solvents. ZEL KOTE dries fast and clings to the surface of ClearTex molds which must be first primed with SLIP-ZIT emulsion wax. ZEL KOTE is removable with warm water from both part & mold.
ZEL KOTE is applied with a brush or simply spray coated to form an even monomolecular continuous film over the mold surface.
Zilicone Adhesive (152)
A crystal clear fast drying silicone adhesive for bonding cast ClearTex appliances to skin and to other surfaces, ZILICONE dries fast and is a pressure sensitive contact glue. To use apply to two adjoining surfaces. Let dry "Tackify" and then mate join parts. Remove from skin with ECO-SOL CLEANER. NOTE: It is best to prep-coat the skin first with DERMAGUARD, a clear invisible, protective barrier coating.
Dermaguard (143)
A crystal clear unnoticeable barrier coating for Skin protection. DERMAGUARD dries to a permeable soft invisible barrier. Wear it for hours on end. Remove with soap and water, shields the skin against irritating chemicals, makeup, adhesives, insect repellent, chlorinated, fresh and salt water, accepts tints and dyes for color, toning. Dilute with rubbing alcohol & water, fast drying, flexible & stretchable, non-toxic.
Eco-Sol (160)
The non-toxic solvent cleaner. An all natural biodegradable non-irritating, non-burning solvent made from corn waste and Pine Tree Stumps, a proprietary Ester - terpene Cleanup; stain remover; ECO-SOL Removes makeup, soils, adhesives, graffiti and almost everything, ECO-SOL is non-ozone depleting, NO VOC's released. Non D'Limonene - No fossil Fuel Content and can be flushed down the drain. ECO-SOL is fully biodegradable and is a planet kind compound.




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