Aqua Rez Resin & Additives

A reactive waterborne epoxy coating/sealant/binder-encapsulent.


Aqua Rez Resin (106)
An ambient cure penetrating emulsion system for consolidation, restoration, repairs and multi purpose finishing of concrete, wood and a variety of surfaces. Additionally, the AQUA REZ system is used for thin set mortars and grouts. as an adhesive or as a co-reactant binder in hydraulic cements and polymer cements.
AQUA REZ is supplied as a two component easy to use compound consisting of the base resin, a milky epoxy emulsion Part "A" and an amber colored curing agent Part "B".
Both components react at room temperature, curing-drying in a short period of time. By varying the hardener proportion-pot life, cure and set time can be reduced to a 2-4 hour dry to the touch finish.
Finished surfaces cure to a crystal clear high gloss wet look. Numerous pigments, dyes, fine aggregates and special effects textures can be embedded in the resin finish for permanent monolithic-seamless floors and general refinishing applications.


Aqua Rez Additives (107)
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