Aqua Form



Aqua Form & Aqua Fiber system for ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT composites, props, costumes, displays, exhibits, sculpture and dimensional shapes.


Aqua Form (108)
A revolutionary, non-toxic polymer which replaces Celastic, polyester & epoxy resins for coating & binding props, models, sculpture, puppets, graphics, masks, armor & fantasy costumes. Paint on almost any fabric -- cheesecloth to paper towels. Can set rock - hard rigid or flexible, (see instructions). Air dries crystal clear. Odorless. Accepts all kinds of additives: dyes, pigments, metal powders, day-glow colors, glow-in-the-dark inks. Can be made into a putty or paste. Sands easily. Can be made to be fire retardant by adding FLAMEAWAY III. 100% safe & simple to work with. Paint it - Spray it - Slush it - Cast it. 
Aqua Form Filler (109)
Turns AQUA FORM into a paste or putty for gel coat or so you can work on vertical surfaces, for sculptural effects and original or prototype pieces. Add as much or as little as you need.  
Aqua Form, Flexabilizer Part "B"(110)
A clear low viscosity impact modifier-softener-flex agent which lowers the hardness to a resilient polymer. The more you add the softer the properties. Bendable rubbery results are useful for gluing-bonding, also leathery-stiff qualities for shaping-draping giant leaves/unusual props.
Adhesives for foams and waterproof bonding. Addition ratios can be varied. A simple starting formulation is 1/8 oz of flexibilizer to one liquid ounce of Aqua Form. Allow to dry overnight or force dry with heat. Full properties are achieved in 24 hrs. Scenic artists often use this
procedure for a flex paint coating.
Sold in two ways:
  • Single Gallons =     $100.00
  • Five (5) Gallons =  $450.00


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