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Soft compounds for gel filled applications, flexible/stretchable artificial skin, simulated fatty tissue. Dynamic squishy-springy gelatinous compounds for thin or thick cross section components.


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Numerous compounds - Finishing, Coating, Sealing and Sculpting materials. Binders, Casting and Mold making. Water based and two component fast setting polymers. Thin lightweight composite systems. Safe odorless resins, impression-copy mediums. Super soft crystal clear synthetic latex rubber.
Multi property soft/hard reusable - recyclable products. Multi use melt and pour polymers. Systems for small and large figures.
Over 2000 Formulations. Key materials favored by puppeteers, character and mascot producers:

Aqua Gel II™ (188a)

This is a clear flowable slippery water gel polymer which can be thinned withwater or rubbing alcohol. Aqua Gel II can be warmed for quick filling-injection loading of preformed doll bodies.
Aqua Gel II™ is a core-backfill water replacement. It feels like water and functions as a water filled doll but remains stable without evaporative shrinking. Aqua Gel™ lasts for years.

Zello "HT"™ (215)

A clear single component hot melt soft springy elastomer which pours easily into closed or open molds and is for thick or thin tear resistant intricately shaped parts.
Zello "HT"™ melts rapidly without smell, smoke, or any lingering odor. Zello "HT"™ is a user friendly polymer.
Zello "HT"™ melts down rapidly on an electric hot plate or gas stove at 250F- 325F. Zello "HT"™ pours freely as a low viscosity thermoplastic elastomer and remains fluid at lower temperature ranges for back filling-core fill against other preformed existing parts made from other dissimilar plastics, rubber materials such as vinyl's' latex's, and compounds such as Zeller International's Cleartex™, Zeltex™ compounds.
Zello "HT"™ is easily tinted with pigments, dyes, and a range of colorants, fillers, glitter, and FX media for attractive finishes. Zello "HT cools, gels, and sets without shrinkage.
Zello "HT"™ has high aggressive adhesional tack for assured bonding to soft flexible skins. Zello "HT welds snuggly against existing or new surfaces for precise fitting life like "living tissue", natural feeling tactile Zello "HT is a shape memory super soft conformal formula with a springy reboundable snap back result. Zello "HT"™ is a recyclable remeltable "green" chemistry and is free of phthalate plasticizers and teachable substances.
Zello "HT"™ gels within 30 minutes to a fatty/squishy natural feeling (baby/body like) result. Zello "HT"™ compound is suitable for mass melt hot pot processing for daily-continuing production pours.
Cooled/gelled material can be remelted/repeatedly recycled. Zello "HT"™ is soft but tough, tearproof and can be laced-stitched with hair or fiber.
Formed shapes can be cut with a sharp blade, trimmed and used for bonding of fake fur, textiles, felts, and foams.
Zello "HT"™ has high grip and grab onto mating surfaces for true form non- separating/pulling away/wiping/sliding debonded results.
Zello "HT"™ offers long term non-deteriorating loss of properties for excellent life cycle results.
Zello "HT"™ is a conformal "smart" encapsulent gel and can be physically adjusted with added accessories for customized variable results to suit individual needs.
Harder or softer adjustable properties are achievable for exotic simulated human flesh properties.
Zello "HT"™ provides an attractive property profile:
high shock absorption
high elasticity
high bond line interfacement
high flowability
high dimensional stability
high "jelly-like" /gelled water feel
high rigid flow out into undercuts
resistant to dynamic deformation
accepts fillers/microspheres for lighter weight
Packaging: Preformed 2 % lb. slabs three units per shipment @ 10 lbs. net

Zello™ (317)

A sister product to Zello "HT"™ which handles identically with the same properties, clarity, and feel except tack free and non-sticky upon gelling.
Zello™ is used for actual parts with a dry, non-oily, cling free surface. Zello™ shapes can be post finished-printed, flocked, and texturized.
Packaging: Preformed 2 1/2 lb. slabs three units per shipment @ 10 lbs. net


Existing preformed parts often require an applied coating for prevention of leaching, softening and extraction of oils/internal substances which may cause rejection disbonding or actual decomposition of a formed part.
Zello™ and other castable soft-hard compounds are often chemically incompatible against unknown undefined species of plastics, rubber, elastoplastics, coatings, and undefined material surfaces.
Post degradement-softening and breakdown is often experienced as a slow process. Blocking barriers provide a non-diffusive chemical shield between an original part and newly introduced materials.
Depending upon the surface sensitivity existing parts may require different preparation materials such as a solvent based or waterborne conditioning agent. Pretesting is recommended. Piggyback binding of poured in place back/core fill compounds vary in chemical make up.
Vinyl plastisols typically used for toys contain a variety of unknown chemicals. A
fast drying conditioner is a wash coat prep step using Zelthane™, product code
#129. Zelthane™ is a clear solvent based stretchable/flexible lacquer or Zeltex™.
product code #278. Zeltex is a water based elastomeric film forming coating.
These two formulations are workhorse products suitable for most applications. If you plan to use hybrid back filling gels made from RTV silicone rubber/gels you will need to first apply Siltex™. product code #293. Siltex is a dear flexible/stretchable solvent based film forming lacquer which functions as a tie coat-bridging prime coat.
For additional information on primers refer to Zeller International's "U-Prime" series.


Many castable compounds are extremely adhesive and will permanently bond to mold surfaces. Zello "HT"™ is a high tack sticky compound and is often cast into dimensional shapes and then topically post coated-dipped into liquid rubber compounds such as Cleartex™.
To prevent bonding to the mold a release agent is necessary. A range of choices exists. We recommend RTV silicone rubber compounds which provide self release clear parting without the use of a release agent.
Zeller International provides several effective parting compounds such as Zoy Lease™, product code #190,   Zoap™ product code #132, Zel Kote™ product code #130 and other formulas.


Zello "HT"™ (215)
Zello™ (317)
Fleshtex™ (119)
Zelly Jelly™ (114)
Sil Gel™ (318)
The above five compounds are routinely poured against a preformed Cleartex™ or Zeltex™ skin for dimensional parts. The choice of film forming materials varies widely and is centered around fast setting film formulations which skin, fuse, and dry rapidly and can be layered to build up a tear resistant yet tactile skin which feels like human tissue with life like sensory perception.
Additional merits include non-yellowing durability for a long service life. Thick or thin controllable build up. Acceptance of true skin tone pigments.
Zeller International produces both water based and solvent based synthetic latex's which are allergen-protein free and do not induce rashes or anaphalatic shock.
These are single component air drying formulations.
Zeltex™ (278)
A remarkable 2 in 1 product. A water based, non-yellowing, odorless, single component, air drying synthetic latex compound. Dries to a crystal clear see-though coating. Super tough & tear resistive. Stretches-flexes satisfying numerous makeup applications. Used for prosthetic appliances, specialized props, banners, inflatables, balloons, & bladders. Can be internally pigmented.
ZELTEX™ is also used whenever smooth surfaces such as Plexiglas™, Formica, vinyl, metal, and wood are used for dance, aerobic, stunt, or athletic activity. For added traction, grainy fillers such as granulated cork, crumb rubber, sand, wood flour, etc. can be added. Zeltex forms an excellent film on textiles, fabrics, costumes, rain gear, tents, etc.
Zeltex™ air dries to a Shore "A" of 25 and can be made softer and more stretchy by adding Zeltex II™ at varying ratios for a softer hand.
Zeltex II™ (279)
A non-toxic odorless, non-ammoniated, water based, super soft, stretchy synthetic latex rubber. Used for molds, prosthetic skins, makeup appliances, toys, sculpture, novelties, props, coatings, bonding, or archival/Curatorial consolidation of fabrics, paper, and documents. Won't irritate the skin. Can be used outdoors without color loss, fading, or degradement. Zeltex II™ can be co-
blended/mixed with Zeltex™ for varying degrees of softness and flexibility. Rubbery-stretchy films-skins and coatings are easily formed.
Zeltex™ Thix
By adding small amounts of Thix you quickly build up a non-runny, easy to apply, thicker formulation. Thix gels Zeltex™ for viscosity control.
The Cleartex™ System
3 variable harness levels: soft, medium, firm. These may also be intermixed together for customized properties.
Regular Cleartex™ (117)
This is the preferred material for doll/prosthetic skins. Soft, tough, clear and durable. Cleartex™ dries fast for highly detailed parts.
Cleartex™ is a high flow liquid rubber which forms a uniform bridged membrane. Repeat pours can be built up for any desired cross section thickness from a few mils to a 1/4".
Cleartex™ can be used for dipped, brushed, slushed, or sprayed on/into molds over mandrels and forms. Both rigid or flexible moldmaking materials can be used for production processing.
Preferred mold materials are metals, ceramic. Fiberglas, RTV silicone rubber, and inert casting resins such as E.Z. Plastic™, product code #100.
Fortified gypsum cement-plaster molds will suffice providing they are fully dried and surface sealed with an epoxy finish. Aqua Form II, product code #141, is a water based polymer and is combined with water at a 50/50 ratio and combined with hydrocal, ultracal, pottery, or Venetian Plaster™, product code #326.


Existing preformed plastic-rubber parts such as vinyl plastisol materials often reject compatabilization with other dissimilar coatings-elastomers-adhesives.
Back filling with gels and dissimilar polymers often results in dissolving-melting of the vinyl part. Degradement does not occur immediately and often takes place over an extended period of time.
A shield coating barrier provides protection to the host surface. Zelthane™ lacquer, product code #129 is routinely used to coat and protect vinyl surfaces. Zelthane™ can be slushed quickly against soft or hard surfaces. Zelthane™ is allowed to dry over 24 hours. At this point you can proceed to pour in other substances such as foams, water gels, Zello™, Sil Gel™, Zelly Jelly™, Aqua Gel™, or other substances.
Depending upon your selection of a core fill substance it is advisable to conduct compatibility challenge tests.
Zeller International produces several optional preparation choices for exotic materials. Refer to the "U-Prime" series or contact Zeller International's lab for further assistance.


Several finishing materials are available. For flexible-stretchable coatings Zelthane™ is often used.
For hard coating of polymer clay, waxes, and dense foams use Kleer Plaztik™ product code #155.
For low luster non-shiny finishes stir in matting agents are added to the finish coating material. Fumed silica powders are used at varying levels and can vary in sheen-luster reflectance by the load level introduced.
Sources-suppliers include Cabot Corp., Degussa, WR Grace Co., and others.
Here are some other favored materials:

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