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Zeller International compounds several water based and solvent borne latex elastomers.  Supplied as single component, self-cross linking materials.  These easy to use dispersions are used internationally to form thin film stretchable products for a wide range of products such as balloons, novelties, gloves, medical devices and industrial parts.
A diverse selection of air curing rubber based formulas are used to repair, restore surfaces, to prevent leaks, seal micro porous materials and function as chemically resistant barriers -liners in containment  vessels, cisterns, cells & fuel tanks.
Specialty products include "Crystal Clear" super stretchable tear resistant shaped articles such as sculpture, props, special effects, masks, puppetry figures, prosthetic appliances, artificial skin, orthotic devices, therapy exercisers, stretch bands, weather balloons, inflatables, bladders, bellows and diaphragms.
Zeller Internationals liquid latex compounds are used for molds or formed parts from molds products include:
Standard off the shelf products and proprietary formulas are approved to industry and the arts.
Thick-thin variable viscosity polymers enable micro thin to thick cross section rubber parts, variables include Fireproof Barriers, Haz-Mat Chemical Suits and Radio Nucleid Shielding.
Formulating latex products over 40years.