Grow Gel

Longer Blooming Fresh Looking Flowers, Healthier/Faster Growing Plants


Grow Gel (197)
Grow Gel is a micro-nutrient based hydrational soft gel polymer which slowly releases soil stimulants and rapid growth activators to the root base.
Grow Gel is a free flowing dry microbead which absorbs and slowly releases fortified water to plants. Grow Gel is a non-toxic super absorbent polymer which time releases activating plant growth fertilization compounds. Grow Gel functions like a sponge wicking/slowly releasing water.
Grow Gel expands to a soft gelatinous rubber like clear shimmering prismatic crystal.
Colored food dye can be added for any color effect. Grow Gel adds life/bloom extension to floral bouquets. Grow Gel prevents over-watering.
Grow Gel is excellent for winterizing plants. Grow Gel waters flowers during household absence or vacation periods. Grow Gel looks like soft crushed ice and is biodegradable.
Grow Gel lasts and lasts for many months via re-absorbtion of warm water. Grow Gel  is highly prismatic and adds an attractive look to floral arrangements. A small amount expands rapidly to fill glass-ceramic vessels, bowls, jars, tubes for attractive settings. Grow Gel is soft yet holds-supports-suspends flowers for any arrangement.


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