Zel Jel Stunt Gel

There's only one original...... and this is it!


A Worldwide Industry Classic For Professionals In The Fields Of STUNTS, SPECIAL EFFECTS, PYROTECHNICS & INDUSTRY

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The original protective pyrotechnical barrier gel used by professionals around the world seeking the finest protection around fire, flame and heat, such as stunt and special effects experts, foundries, welders, fire fighters, race car drivers and even chefs!
Invented by chemist Gary Zeller over 25 years ago, Zel-Jel Stunt Gel revolutionized safety standards for pyrotechnical effects in the entertainment industry by achieving a level of safety and protection in fire stunts never before attained. He received the ACADEMY AWARD for SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT for this development. It is used regularly in films, TV commercials, theme parks, rock shows, magic performances, special events, ads...you name it.
BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! Remember...we invented it, we manufacture it and we are the ONLY ones who sell it. All first-time customers are required to sign a Disclaimer prior to purchase.
Zel-Jel   is an all natural, water-based, non-toxic barrier gel which functions as a heat shielding compound in order to protect the skin and property from the effects of heat, flames and fire.
Zel-Jel   will not burn.
In addition to our many industrial users, it is a staple with stunt and special effects experts around the world such as: the famed 'one and only' Dar Robinson, George Gibbs, Kenny Endoso, Terry Forrestal, Jery Hewitt, Alex Stevens, R.A. Rondell, Al Jones, Phil Chong, Vic Armstrong...all the pros!

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Mud made from Zel Jelfor the "Swamp Scene"


Rambo, Cat's Eye, Firestarter, Scanners, Dawn of the Dead, Young Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, Deadly Force Silverado, Year of the Dragon, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Taps, Altered States, Doctor Detroit, The Blob, Neighbors, Nighthawks, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fly, Conan, Back to the Future, Cape Fear...

Zel Jel Stunt Gel  (Viscous) (165) - Thick Version
This is it! The ONE and ONLY professional barrier gel used by industrial technicians in a wide variety of trades, stuntpeople, special effects experts and fireworks crews around the world. Made of 100% solids. Stays put! Won't run or fall off the body/skin during body burns, explosions and action stunts.
Zel-Jel is applied to the body by hand as a cool, creamy, protective layer. Sold in (2) & (5) gallon pails. FANTASTIC FEATURE: Zel-Jel's amazing natural cooling properties will instantly relieve pain and irritation from minor burns! Use it on the job and at home.
Zel Jel Stunt Gel  (Saturant) (166) - Thinner Version
We highly recommend use of the saturant in addition to use of the viscous version. It is used to pre-soak/fully saturate the body suit 24 hours in advance of the stunt. Full details in "The Body Suit Saturation" section of Zel-Jel Manual. Sold in (2) & (5) gallon pails.
Zel Jel Manual "The Art of the Fire Stunt" (167)
Written by pyrotechnical expert, Gary Zeller and required for all first-time Zel-Jel customers. Worth every penny. If you value the safety of yourself, others and your professional reputation- read every word of it. "Tricks of the Trade" from the pro: tips, hints, safety techniques, supply sources etc.


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