Stunt Mask

A high heat-resistant, flexible moldmaking rubber for making protective masks, gloves and prosthetics for body burns and other advanced professional fire stunts. ALSO: used for countless industrial applications


Stunt Mask (123)
A 2-part moldmaking elastomer used to create full-face protective masks. Used mostly when a stuntperson is required to be fully engulfed in flames. This technique was first developed by Gary Zeller and premier make-up effects artist, Dick Smith, for the film, SCANNERS. Full mask is created by first making a cast of the person (female mold) and then using STUNT MASK COMPOUND for the actual STUNT MASK.
PROPERTIES: High heat resistance and thermal shielding. Naturally cures to a white rubber, but can easily be pigmented flesh tone- or any color- prior to casting.
FULL CURE: 24 hours
AVAILABLE: (1) gallon and (5) gallon kits with catalyst. CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY.

For Professional Use Only. Purchase requires a signed Release Disclaimer.


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