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Epoxy Resins


Two component reactive compounds for waterproofing, repairs, restoration, casting, laminating, coating, sealing, sculpture, fountains, statuary.
Consolidations, binders, adhesives for industry and art.
Easy to use formulations for lining, preservation, structural composites.
Interior- exterior applications formulations for zoo's aquariums, aquaculture, museums, conservation.
From coatings for NASA's moon rocks to water parks, Zeller Internationals systems are used by artists, craftsmen, aerospace, model makers and restoration experts.
Applications include:
Decoupage, embedments, encapsulation, potting, bonded bronze sculpture, archival- curatorial- architectural restorations, floor coatings, polymer cements, fiberglass lamination, repair -bonding -adhesives.  Anchoring bolts -rods and fasteners.
Saddle -sill and decayed wood consolidants.
Finishing -coating -priming -sealing -waterproofing, scenic, faux, tromp l'oeil painting, metallized -bonded alloys and metallized finishes.  Boat, car, aircraft and antique repairs replica, ornamental reproductions.
Architectural moldings, props, special effects, ballistic shielding, armaments -bomb protection.
Numerous formulations available since 1964.
Basic systems: