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Molds-Forms-Tooling-Reproduction Methods Using Callapsible Air Structures


Create your own pneumatic tubular bladders-concrete forms, cylinders and inflatable cores. Precise pneumatic balloon shapes for monolithic domes and composite shell construction a mold for complex spray on soft forms.

The Zel AirForm technology utilizes fiber reinforced   elastomeric membranes which are air filled/inflated for spray applied glass reinforced  concrete, fiberglass reinforced laminates, polymer cements, shotcrete or cellular-foamed cements.

Production Applications include:
salt storage domes
temperature controlled food warehouses
energy efficient structures in remote settings, the Antarctic, South Pole-deserts - ANYWHERE!!!
hangers, military facilities
tanks, holding pens, water-fuel retention, reserviors
sewer lines
architectural structures, buildings for schools, clinics, research, security, jails, temperature controlled habitats.
irrigation, dewatering, under drains
themed venues, igloos, globes, free span domes-bubbles for museums, clubs, restaurants, malls
soil stabilization, storm drains
containment cells for waste effluents
novel, abstract free span construction
lining, surface restoration, grouting reinforcement, repairs
instant emergency relief structures for environmental disasters in remote areas.
The Zel-AirForm System enables anyone to custom fabricate intricate shapes for manufacturing temporary or permanent molds-forms for repeated reproduction uses.
Elastomeric Compounds produced by Zeller International are spray applied using film forming stretchable synthetic latex balloon type materials.
Fiber reinforced with textiles, nets and scrim materials. Large-small air filled shapes are easily constructed.
Thin -thick laminated air structures are built up rapidly resulting in extractable core forms. Mandrels and void shape tooling.
Flexible Compounds from Zeller International includes fast drying liquid rubber and surface protection coatings and  release agents.

Technology, training and materials are available from Zeller International on a consulting-engineering and training program basis.

Additional technical support and training includes glass fiber reinforced concrete, hi density urethane-phenolic spray applied cellular-insulative foams. Gunnite-shotcrete and pumped grouts.
Advanced Performance Blended cements  utilize industrial by products derived from power plant wastes, ground glass, fibers, minerals, aggregates and a high percentage of recycled content sources.
Are easy to use lightweight inflatable molds for complex requirements in construction, restoration, repairs or manufacturing in the field or at fixed factory sites.
Create free span-vaulted domes/roofs or simple animal shelter "bubbles" which are routinely manufactured globally.
Zeller International provides training and know how to Contractos, Fabricators, Architects, developers, agencies and Companies who plan to use removable flexible-rubber liners for spray applied shell structures.
Zeller International does not manufacture, rent, lease or sell preformed inflatable liners. Our role is to teach you the techniques-procedures for making your own dimensional airforms using cold setting rubber compounds and specialized chemicals that our firm produces.
We assist you by providing consulting services on a professional basis. Fees for training are low. Producing your own inflatable airforms is a can do technology!
We provide easy to use liquid rubber compounds that dry-cure at room temperature.
These flexible-stretchable polymers include:
Zeltex & Zeltex II
Cleartex System
Urethane - Silicone Elastomers
Aqua Form
Kleer Plaztik


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