Balloons, Inflatables, Air Structures & Bladders


Zeller International provides materials and consulting services to individuals, shops and manufactures who produce single or multiple products based on thin film - membrane technology for floatable figures, graphic shapes, buildings, props and effects illusions, also blimps, balloons, weather-signaling structures, novelties, promotional objects.
From heat sealed, seamed, sewn, cast and coated fabrics, our firm invented the first metallized mylar balloon with Andy Warhol.
Compounds and techniques include seamless sculptural forms made in molds to coated lightweight ultra sheer rip stop nylon fabric and banlon stretch material to dipped conventional balloon shapes.
Specialized shapes range from toy-novelty products to helium filled parade -half time sports shapes.
Advertising and promotional figures with internal lighting and graphics. If it floats, holds air or helium gas, we can help you produce fantasy shapes to basic party balloons.
Consulting and engineering, tooling, assembly, finishing,design, and buoyancy effects.